By Patrick O'Connor

Mason Plater has a strange experience and begins having disturbing dreams. A charismatic leader of a church in the US becomes a rising star in politics. A secret group is operating across the world to protect humanity from a threat as old as history. A race begins involving Plater, the sinister church and its leader, the shadow organisation, a classified government department and a secret society of occultists out to kill Plater. He must work with some unexpected allies to prevent a catastrophe that could mean the end of human life on Earth.

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Cameraman Mason Plater gets a fill-in job on a documentary at a mental hospital. An inexplicable incident there triggers disturbing dreams. Molly James, a young intern, tries to help him unravel what’s happening to him.

In the US a charismatic leader of a new church becomes a rising star in politics. For cult de-programmer Erik Nordstrom the church is not what it seems. Why is a church building a strange machine in a disused military base in the Rocky mountains?

The UK Home Secretary struggles with his loyalties, as a government minister but also as a member of a clandestine global organisation sworn to protect humanity, but from what? A centuries old threat that is too dangerous to reveal.

Why is a secret Home Office department desperate to implant coma patients with experimental devices? Two young technicians decide to find out.

Plater discovers his world has changed. He finds himself drawn into a race against time to prevent the sinister church and its leader completing their machine. He finds help and a common cause with others from unexpected sources.

Time is short, as the church leader increases his power and an ancient order of occultists set out to kill Plater.



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